IFE (“Inspiring Future Educators”) Academy of Teaching & Technology is a learning center for families who desire the flexibility and intimacy of traditional homeschooling, but also appreciate the academic support of a more structured learning environment. At IFE Academy, your family will enjoy the comfort of knowing that our team of dedicated, award-winning educators are here to walk you through the process of selecting and implementing your child’s personalized curriculum for every content area and grade level. Our teachers are here to guide you through every aspect of your homeschooling experience, including gifted education and online/virtual coursework to supplement your at-home learning experiences.


IFE Academy is a small, independently-run educational option for families that want personalization for their children but cannot or do not want the sole responsibility of homeschooling them. At IFE Academy, we will work with families who desire a traditional academic framework with the personalization of homeschooling. However, we will also work with traditional homeschool parents who would like the additional support and assistance of certified educators who are academic content experts in their respective fields. Our vehicle of choice is blended, online learning because of its ability to deliver content to students at their required, individual academic and socialization levels, while allowing IFE Academy teachers to focus almost explicitly on deeper learning and cross-curricular project-based learning.


• Flexible enrollment options (Full-time hybrid, a la carte classes & tutoring)
• Testing Services (mandatory norm-referenced testing for grades 3, 6, 9, 12)
• Record keeping (test scores and diagnostics, progress and report cards, annual GADOE Declaration of Intent, etc.)
• Weekly accountability, feedback, support, and encouragement
• Project-based, personalized learning–featuring a cross-curricular integration of all subjects
• Gifted and ESL services
• Special Needs Education featuring live, online therapy and diagnostic services
• Academic planning to assist your family’s transition to college (or your family’s transition back into traditional K-12 education, should the need arise)


• ELA/English (including AP Literature and AP Language & Composition)
• Reading (grades 6-8 only)
• Mathematics (including AP Calculus and AP Statistics)
• Science (including AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, and AP Chemistry, and AP Physics)
• Social Studies (including AP Human Geography, AP World History, AP US History, and AP Macroeconomics)
• World Languages (Spanish, French, German, and Chinese)
• Electives (Performance and Creative Arts courses provided by Seven Arts Center, additional fees may apply)

**High school seniors must earn the GADOE required 23 credit hours to graduate.**


• Students should expect to complete 4.5+ hours of academic study Monday-Thursday, with Fridays reserved for additional academic tutorials, service learning projects, and grade-level enrichment activities.
• Projects may require additional out-of-school time to complete, including research and field study.


Georgia law requires parents or guardians who teach their children at home to submit to the Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) an annual Declaration of Intent form. A Declaration of Intent must be submitted to the Georgia Department of Education within 30 days after establishment of a home study program and by September 1 annually thereafter. IFE Academy will file and record this form on behalf of all enrolled students. For additional information, please visit https://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Pages/Home-Study-DOI.aspx.


• Application Fee: $50.00 (non-refundable)
• Completed online application for admission
• Submission of records (previous academic transcripts, test scores, and/or equivalent data)
•Two recommendation letters:

• Teacher recommendation (if presently taking classes at a public/private school)
• Character recommendation from a personal references (e.g. pastor, coach, mentor, etc.)

• Interview: An interview with the academy’s Founder is required (includes a counseling consultation w/transcript review).
• Submission of GADOE Declaration of Intent to Homeschool

Please click here to pay your application fee:


• Full-time Tuition (Fall and Spring): $5,000/year per student (monthly installment plan available with 5% convenience fee)
• A la carte courses: $600/credit hour (1 year course)
• Tutoring Only (face-to-face/virtual): $40/hr
Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee: $100/family (annual) [Late Enrollment Fee: $150/family after Sept.1st] • Registration Fee: $25/semester per student
• Technology & Resources Fee: $250/semester per family (includes: books, testing, supplementary academic resources, and software)

Student Fees


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Interested in enrolling for the 2017-2018 school year? Take a moment to complete and submit your student’s admissions application. For assistance, please contact us at info@myifeacademy.org.


Can I enroll my child if s/he is suspended or expelled from their previous school? While IFE Academy reserves the right to accept or deny enrollment of a student who has been suspended or expelled from their previous school, we believe in the power of grace and will endeavor to serve all students. We practice mindfulness daily (plus restorative justice whenever necessary) and are here to support families as they strive to meet both the academic and socioemotional developmental needs of their children. All parties involved must agree that our design is a good fit for the child.

Are there any penalties for early withdrawal? There is a $25 processing fee for any withdrawal after September 15th. Parents must give notice in writing 30 days in advance when withdrawing students. Any family not giving a 30 day written notice will be required to pay full tuition for that month.

Does IFE Acaemy provide transportation for the students? IFE Academy does not provide transportation for students. However, the school is easily accessible via MARTA bus route 172 via College Park Station. Please visit the main office for information concerning a variety of other transportation options for students.

Does IFE Academy provide counseling services and family development workshops? All school counseling services are provided by Dr. Katrina H. Pittman, LPC. As an added benefit, all currently enrolled IFE Academy students and their families are eligible to receive one annual individual or group counseling session for free. Dr. Pittman (A Paradigm Shift, LLC) will also offer 2-hour Family Development Workshops on one Saturday per month. These sessions are provided as a free service for all currently enrolled IFE Academy families.

**Counseling service scholarships may be available for additional counseling sessions on an as needed basis. Please contact Dr. Pittman for a list of all accepted major insurance providers.**

Does IFE Academy provide non-denominational chapel service? Chapel service is open to all homeschool families, whether enrolled in IFE Academy or not. Please join us each Friday morning from 10:00am-12:00pm for Bible Study and prayer.

What days and times are school tours offered? Available every Friday from 1:00pm-4:00pm, by appointment only. To schedule a tour, please email ssilveri@myifeacademy.org.